A high qality picture image of Vanuatu's Flag

Vanuatu Flag

The Flag of Vanuatu contains two bands colored red and green. Separating the two bands is a yellow strip with black fimbriations that opens into a “Y” shape toward the hoist. At the hoist there is a black triangle with an emblem of a boar`s tusk and two leaves of the namele fern. The boar`s tusk is a symbol of prosperity on the island and the leaves are a symbol of peace. The red on the flag symbolizes the blood of boars and men. The green on the bottom strip stands for the wealth of the islands and the black stands for the ni-Vanuatu people.  The yellow strip symbolizes the light of the gospel going through the pattern of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The flag of Vanuatu was adopted on February 13, 1980.