Flag of QATAR

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Qatar's Flag

The flag of Qatar was adopted on July 9, 1971. Prior to that Qatar had a similar flag but it closely resembled the flag of the neighboring country of Bahrain. The flag is purple with a wide serrated white band. The purple on the flag came about when a different red dye was use to make the flag. When the flag was left in the sun the color would change to a purple color which was believed to be a nicer color. The white on the flag represent peace and the purple symbolizes the bloodshed of those in the numerous wars that Qatar faced in the second half of the 19th century. The nine points on the serrated line indicate that Qatar is the ninth member of the “Reconciled Emirates” of the Persian Gulf.

National Anthem of Qatar

Listen to Qatar's national anthem being performed by an orchestra. This anthem was first performed in 1996 and was created by Sheikh Mubarak bin Saïf al Thani.

The official name of the anthem is As Salam al Amiri.

Here are the lyrics to the song in its original Arabic form

قسماً بمن رفع السماء
قسماً بمن نشر الضياء
قطر ستبقى حرة
تسمو بروح الفداء
سيروا على نهج الأولى
وعلى ضياء الأنبياء
قطر بقلبي سيرة
عز وأمجاد الإباء
قطر الرجال الأولين
حماتنا يوم النداء
وحمائم يوم السلام
جوارح يوم الفداء
English lyric translation according to Qatar's Foreign Ministry of Affairs

Swearing by God who erected the sky
Swearing by God who spread the light
Qatar will always be free
Sublimed by the souls of the sinceres
Procede thou on the manners of the ascendants
And advance on Prophet's guidance
In my heart,
Qatar is an epic of glory and dignity
Qatar is land of the early men
Who protect us at time of distress,
Doves they can be at times of peace,
Warriors they are at times of sacrifice