A high qality picture image of Philippines Flag

Flag of Phillipines, Phillipino Flag

The Philppino flag was adopted on June 12, 1898.  The flag contains two vertical bands one blue on the top and red on the bottom.  On the side of the fly there is a white triangle that contains a golden sun with eight main rays and each containing three individual rays.  On each corner of the triangle there is a five pointed star.  The white triangle on the flag symbolizes equality and fraternity.  The blue symbolizes peace, truth and justice.  The red on the flag symbolize patriotism and valor.  The main eight ray`s of the sun stand for the first eight provinces of the Philippines that fought for freedom from the Spanish.  The three stars at each corner of the flag symbolize the three geographical regions of the country.  During times of peace the blue band on the flag is on top, but during times of war the red will be on top.